Performance exploring the reality of Indian call centres through the use of new technologies on stage, weaving between the ancient legend of Aladdin from the 1001 Arabian Nights and identity-blurring phenomena found in the metropolises of Bangalore, London and New York.

Through the contemporary phenomenon of international call centres, where Indian operators train intensively to "pass" as Americans, Alladeen highlighted the impact of today's communication industry on global culture though a cross-media performance, an unusual music video and a 'state of the art' website:

Co-production with the Builders Association (New York). Presented at Barbican BITE:03, then touring in US and to Bangalore. Awarded an OBIE. Conceived by: Keith Khan, Marianne Weems and Ali Zaidi. UK Producer: Penny Andrews. Executive Producer: Kim Whitener. Performance Director: Marianne Weems. Design: Keith Khan, Ali Zaidi. Sound Composition and Design: Dan Dobson. Original Music: Shrikanth Sriram. Video Design: Christopher Kondek. Lighting Design: Jennifer Tipton. Text: Martha Baer. Dramaturg: Norman Frisch. Performers: Rizwan Mirza, Heaven Phillips, Tanya Selvaratnam, Jasmine Simhalan, Jeff Webster. Music Video Director: Ali Zaidi. Producer: Penny Andrews. Video/Edit: Peter Norrman. Composer: Shrikanth Sriram. Artists: James Gibbs/dbox, Petra Goebel, Rainer Jooss, Joe Lawler, Peter Norrman, Ali Zaidi.

Background research material; publicity material; videos

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