Flying Costumes, Floating Tombs

Outdoor spectacle featuring two 70 foot tall sculptures suspended from cranes performed in Bristol and Paddington Basin which won Time Out London Dance and Performance Award.

Commissioners/Funders: Arnolfini, Artangel, Westminster City Council, London International Festival of Theatre. Artistic Director: Keith Khan; collaborators: Ali Zaidi, Sasha Kelly, Nina Edge, Betty Vaughan Richards, Ginny Dando. Performers: Prince Morgan, Shobna Gulati, Andrea Whitting, Jayachandran, Westminster Cathedral Signing Choir, local abseiling groups, canoeists, Bharat Natyam dance groups, African dance groups. Producer (Paddington Basin): Janet Waugh; Producer (Arnolfini): Diana Warden.

Costume drawings by Keith Khan; poster artwork; calligraphy artwork; publicity posters; performance photographs.

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