Frontseat - Listing of volunteers and contributors working on the organisation's magazine.

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Contact and letters of people along with their profile. Include details on Stephen Bourne and Rosa Diez, business cards, the newsletter schedule production, BTF editorial meeting. Sally's Rape The Whole Story play presented at the ICA. Leaflets. The Oval House's press release. 2 plays from The Mehtab Theatre company. Theatre programme AFRICA '95. Letter showing the presentation of the new Black Theatre Forum updating its artistic policy and restructuring its administration Correspondence includes a note from Stephen Bourne writing to be signed up as a member; minutes of the editorial meeting held on 16/06/1995; leaflets and BAC programme on the play Death Catches The Hunter by Biyi Bandele (with review from the Guardian and Telegraph) 1995 ; Sally's Rape The Whole Story play presented at the ICA (with related information); presentation of Madhuri I love You and Not Just an Asian Babe by Parminder Sekthon; Extract from Let's Get It On: The Politics of Black Performance, ed. C. Ugwu ; Presentation of Africa '95 (draft); The Guardian' s article and Press article: Fury Over 'racist' Black Play Reviewing the Play Slave Babies.

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